Debt Recovery Solutions – Debt Payment Plan

Legacy Reporting – Debt Payment Plan

When a debt payment plan is the debt recovery solution, legacy reporting is significantly vital in long-term collections with a debt payment plan, just as it is in early-term collections. The information recorded and existing at the credit bureaus must be current and accurate. Just as vital is the continuation of current and accurate reporting to the credit bureaus. Mirand also responds promptly to all debtor requests to keep accounts current and error-free.

Mirand has a dedicated and experienced team that is responsible and follows the guidelines and regulations of consumer advocacy and regulatory organizations. We set up a reporting method using automated relationships with the major credit reporting agencies and provides monthly updates on all files. Mirand makes the corrections as necessary, and our trained personnel work with the debtor to clear their balances and update the credit bureau report. The credit bureau is a tool to secure a client’s future collection results, and there’s no cost to our clients until funds are recovered.

Our team provides personalized accounts receivable strategies that permit us to work with consumers to find debt recovery solutions. By being understanding with our clients and their current problem, we customize and implement debt payment plans that work.

Obtaining Debt Recovery Results

Mirand utilizes an intense debt collection process. Our team understands most debtors become delinquent because of circumstances they cannot control. With that understanding, we approach debtors using a method of listening to secure more collections. Our professional debt collectors know they first must assess the debtor’s financial situation. The goal is obtaining full payment as quickly as possible while thoroughly listening to the debtor respectfully. On each call, our professional debt collectors follow, meet, or exceeds all legal guidelines.

If the expert debt collector discovers the debtor is not in a position to pay immediately, a debt payment plan will be implemented as a debt recovery solution. Typically, financial situations will improve, and debtors want to overcome the obstacle that sets them behind so they can recover their credit standings as quickly as possible.

Mirand steps into these situations professionally utilizing skills, tact, and training to succeed at helping clients collect debts as the debtor gets life back on track. Mirand builds relationships with your customers and enhances the brand image while delivering optimum results with recovery while maintaining a positive customer experience.

We know relationships are essential as is collaboration. The integrity we provide gains trust. Mirand produces results that are vital to everyone’s success. Contact us today for more information on how we help our clients succeed.