Debt Collection Process


What Is A Collection Agency?

Mirand is a debt collection agency providing debt recovery solutions. A collection agency is an organization specializing in pursuing payments of debt. Our credit collections services include:

  • Medical Debt Collection
  • Utilities Collections
  • Credit Card Collections
  • Retail Collections
  • Small Business Debt Collection

Our professional debt collectors are trained to access the debtor’s financial situation. The goal is to negotiate and collect payment in full as quickly as possible.

Debt Collector Training

Mirand provides a debt collector training program which offers intensive education on

  • security issues
  • federal and state debt collection laws
  • the psychology of debt
  • maximizing skip tracing services
  • credit bureau reporting
  • the latest in collection technology

Our expert debt collectors are firm and diplomatic. Understanding collaboration will maintain goodwill and preserve the client’s reputation.

Our professional debt collectors realize that debt recovery begins with finding solutions to the debtor’s credit circumstances. Listening is a vital part of gathering the necessary debt information. Evaluating the debtor’s financial situation enables our professional debt collectors to develop an action plan of debt recovery.

Our team of professional debt collectors quickly gains the confidence of debtors by treating them with respect. We understand there are typically extenuating circumstances that put the debtor in this situation. The ultimate goal is to discover a debt recovery solution as quickly as possible. Most debtors will realize collaboration is in their best interest and repay the debt.

Debt Recovery Happens

Our professional debt collectors contact your customers via phone and written communication to provide debt recovery solutions and collect payment of outstanding debts.

Sometimes, to obtain the necessary optimal results, we need to acquire the assistance of one of the following:

  • our pre-legal department
  • our in-house counsel
  • utilize our nationwide network of experienced attorneys

This is one of the features of our debt collections services and intense debt collection process which has proven to be an effective method of our debt recovery solutions. Litigation is always the last resort to our debt recovery services.

Your Debt Recovery Solution

Mirand has an extremely low staff turn-over rate because we pride ourselves on hiring the best employees and continually providing training and support. This attitude and method help our professional debt collectors get the work done successfully for everyone involved. All of our debt collectors are trained and certified by ACA International, the Association of Credit & Collections Professionals. This ensures consistency and compliance with each debt recovery account for optimum results and preservation of the client’s reputation.

Mirand stays up-to-date and implements the latest technology. We perform excellent client service and customer contact with the mindset that relationships matter. Our strong management team and professional debt collectors have longevity with us. Each team member understands the details of your industry to provide each client with the desired debt collection results. Our debt recovery solution procedures deliver the results you need while preserving your reputation.

Our employees stay with us because we provide training, support, and are considered one of the best employers in Jamaica. Our employee retention rate is over 90% which gives you consistency with the quality of debt recovery. Our professional debt collectors are dedicated and successful at obtaining results of overcoming obstacles and collecting outstanding debts.

Mirand delivers revenue cycle, accounts receivable, contact center solutions, via omnichannel resulting in optimum results. Contact us today to learn more about our effective and efficient nationwide solutions to collecting your outstanding debts.