First Call

Debt Collector First Call

The Importance Of The First Call

Many industries have the pressure to cut expenses and stretch funds. As a bill becomes past-due, it immediately increases costs and reduces profit. We know that in-house collections are typically costly in the early stages of delinquency. A large number of “first calls” are made on an outstanding debt that simply needs a courtesy call or slight prompt to pay the outstanding balance. With that in mind, we offer a cost-effective method of early debt collection for our clients while knowing how much relationships matter. Mirand helps you manage your delinquent accounts to retain customers and reduce charge-offs with our First Call Program. In many situations, we can reduce our client’s costs by 50%.

The first call gathers pertinent information while it also sets the stage with tone, respect, and can preserve your brand image. Each professional debt collector’s first call is handled with the utmost care to preserve our client’s reputation and relationship. Our professional debt collectors can make the “first call” in the name of our client just as your own representatives would do it. Mirand customizes every aspect of our pre-collection debt recovery solutions to apply your pre-collection policies. Our goal is to recover delinquent money while maintaining a positive customer relationship. Throughout this process, you have the security of a debt collection agency that is licensed in all fifty (50) states and a professionally trained team understanding the best, most successful, legal, and proper debt recovery techniques. Mirand knows the importance of establishing a relationship and listening to each consumer to find the debt recovery solution to collecting the debt promptly.

Expert Debt Recovery Services

Our experience makes a difference for each client by preserving integrity, reputation, and maintaining relationships while delivering results of debt recovery. Professional debt collectors know the importance of collaboration to produce the needed results of a debt recovery solution.

Mirand provides nationwide debt collection services for industries searching for debt recovery solutions that work. Our clients count us to deliver debt recovery results. Each team member understands the details about your industry and how to best communicate with your debtor. Our professional debt collectors are equipped to deliver solutions.

We provide omnichannel strategies to provide care and support for your customers. As your partner in debt recovery, we provide debt collection services in:

  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Toll Authority
  • Financial
  • Small Business

Mirand knows the importance of respect and collaboration to produce optimal results in debt recovery. Our debt collection services are personalized to each client’s specific industry and requirements to optimize results.

By understanding the psychology of debt combined with the consumer’s needs, we implement debt recovery solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. Contact us today for more information on how our professional debt collectors can work for you.