About Us

About Mirand Response Systems

MRS is a debt collection agency headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our mission is clear- to provide our customers with the highest net return available in the collection industry while adhering to the highest standards of customer service and ethical conduct. The difference between MRS and our competitors is that most collection agencies cannot afford to personally call and work with a debtor. Instead, they start with an inexpensive and ineffective approach, a simple letter campaign. At Mirand Response Systems, Inc (MRS) we make personal contact- we make the call.

Personal contact is what we do best because we established ourselves in the customer care business by taking over 65,000 calls a day for US Fortune 500 companies as diverse as XM Radio, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Delta Airlines.

Through investments in technology, staff education and highly selective recruiting, MRS has been able to offer an improved level of service that our clients demand. We are licensed in all 50 states and adhere to the strict letter of law. As a result no owner, officer, manager or partner has ever had a license suspended or revoked by any state, territory or other agency. No criminal action has ever been documented for any MRS collector or management staff. We understand that it is your business and reputation and we endeavor to act as if it was our own.

Why Near-shore Collections Might be the Right Solution For You

MRS is one of the largest near-shore collection agencies operating today in the third largest English speaking country in the Western hemisphere. We understand with the current economic crisis it is important for businesses to think of cost effective solutions to recover money quickly.

Hire MRS on a contingency basis or hire our collectors on an hourly basis. On a contingency basis, we don’t charge unless we collect. On an hourly basis, we can provide your agency with professional collection agents at a low cost. Our collectors come fully loaded which includes all wages, benefits and telecom. Our collectors have an average of three years of experience and undergo background checks. In addition, MRS provides the outbound/inbound dialer, skip tracing and full insurance.

Contact us today and let us be your accounts receivable solution.