We Are Different

We Are Different

In a business that often deals only with the bottom line, we are different. Our ability to do things differently is the difference-maker that enables us to improve your outstanding debt collections and give you a competitive edge.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Mirand provides a human-centered process utilizing a state-of-the-art digital business platform. Our omnichannel support provides responsive support from our knowledgeable team.

On Shore and Near Shore Operations

Mirand is a professionally trained debt collection agency that is licensed in 48 states with operations in Houston, Texas as well as Montego Bay, Jamaica.

First Call

Too often, the first call is viewed as insignificant and assumed results wouldn’t be obtained. We realize the importance of the first call, and it is used to collect a debt immediately or gather pertinent information for providing a repayment solution and setting a foundation for moving forward.

In House Counsel

Our in-house counsel makes sure we are compliant every step of the way. We have flawless systems in place, which help us manage all the elements that go into compliance training and quality assurance.


Our omnichannel debt collection services provides the service, care, and results you need for your bottom line. We personalize debt collection services to each industry.

At Mirand, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide debt collection services of unparalleled quality with proper regulation and compliance to deliver optimal results. Our success depends on your success.