Customer Service


Customer Service Outsourcing

We understand each call counts, each chat matters, and every email needs to receive a fast response. With that in mind, we help create value for each of our clients as well as each of their customers. Expect increased revenue while managing costs with nearshore customer service outsourcing from AtPoint.


We Care About Your Customer Experience As Much As You Do

AtPoint is not just focused on cutting the costs of your customer call center operation, we help you transition your support to our nearshore delivery centers without impacting service. Our clients have seen their sales and support KPIs improve after partnering with AtPoint.

25+ Years Experience
We have been doing this for a long time, with a proven record with some of the world’s largest brands.
Higher Standards

We are not a cost-focused company. We take care of our employees so that they will take care of your customers.

Less than 9 Percent Attrition

Our turnover is often as low as two percent and never higher than nine percent. This stability means more experienced, better trained agents.

High Visibility

Our customers can choose to manage their call center teams and have as much visibility as they’d like, without ever having to deal with the headaches of facilities, hiring, training and management.

Omnichannel Support

We stay on top of the latest technology trends in customer experience, ensuring your customer can connect with support on their preferred channel.

Highly Trained
We continuously invest in our teams with ongoing training and incentives that ensure your agents are knowledgeable in the hard and soft skills needed to deliver an optimal customer experience.
Our digital business platform provides a human-centered process design as we act on your client’s behalf. We ensure that your most valuable asset, your customers, receive individualized and personalized experiences. As an essential part of operations, our team supports your everyday needs.

Why Do Companies Outsource Customer Service?

The truth is, customer service is a highly-demanding aspect of your business. You want your customers to receive quick, responsive support anytime, day or night, from a knowledgeable and friendly customer support team. Building a qualified and cost-effective domestic contact center team to provide these services can cost an arm and a leg, but small and medium organizations like yours don’t have an endless budget.

That’s where customer support outsourcing from AtPoint comes into play.

We get to know your customer, their priorities and communication preferences. Consumers expect technology to improve their digital experience. We help you keep up with the demands and provide a better digital experience, exceptional customer experiences and a resolution to your concerns along with more efficiency. And our customer service outsourcing pricing is 1/3 to ½ that of a domestic call center.

Advantages of Outsourcing Customer Service with AtPoint

AtPoint’s nearshore 3rd party customer support team offers several advantages to domestic or offshore outsourcing.

  • Time Zones – AtPoint observes Eastern Standard Time year round, so your outsourced call center support is on the same schedule that you are.
  • Fluent English Speakers – Our team members are English speakers with little-to-no accent.
  • You Maintain Power – When you choose AtPoint to provide outsourced customer service for your small business, a member of your management team still controls our agents. Your team of agents is dedicated to YOU, they use modern tools and techniques, they are highly-trained, and they are available for daily check-ins with your on-site team.

Work with seasoned professionals that understand the importance of customer service and have the resources to provide top quality customer service results. We offer world class customer service every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Alleviate human resource issues and technology glitches, let your customers experience technology that is working for them while providing you with a cost-effective business process solution to keep up in the competitive marketplace.