Mirand Response Systems

Ethical Customer Service Solutions, Exceptional Call Center Services
We’ll help you recover outstanding accounts, manage customer retention, and maintain positive client relationships through it all.

MRS: Decades of Call Center Experience with a Customer Service Touch

When it comes to your clients, maintaining positive relationships is everything–even through the toughest circumstances. As a Woman-Owned, small business that’s been in the industry for over two decades, MRS understands the value of those relationships–and we’ve made it our mission to manage your outstanding accounts while offering a personal touch that ensures your customers know their value. 

MRS is proud to employ Empathy, Connection, Help, and Ownership (ECHO) training in our everyday workflow, balancing industry expertise with empathetic understanding. Each of our clients will work with our seasoned, tenured representatives–many of them well-versed in handling over 8 million inbound and outbound calls per year. 

Scalable Call Center

Scale up your company’s call center resources as needed with our 24/7 call center services. Our dedicated and ECHO-trained agents work on-site and remotely for a blend of flexible, continuous availability that’s always seamless. 

IT Solutions

Experience top-tier, seasoned IT support when you partner with MRS. Our expert staff can provide highly personalized technical support solutions for your customer base, empower you to build better customer relationships, and offer IT assistance 24/7–all while helping you maintain your bottom line.

Customer Service Outsourcing

Offer your customers the consistent and immediate support they deserve with outsourced customer service solutions at MRS. Every client, every chat, and every email matters–those inquiries demand insightful, direct responses. Our team is here to help you better connect and serve every customer, no matter what assistance they’re seeking.


MRS is proud to provide call center services and accounts receivable solutions that span industries, including the Federal and State governments, prime contractors, healthcare, municipal district services, financial institutions, corporate clients, and beyond.

Meet Mirand Response Systems

Affordable Solutions, Exceptional Services

At MRS, we believe relationships are everything. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we’ve proudly curated a careful professional balance that layers effective results with empathetic relationship building. No matter what your company might need– a dedicated call center with 24/7 availability, IT support, or managing counsel, MRS is here to help. 

MRS is proud to be a Woman Owned Small Business that has served a variety of clients–including Fortune 500 companies–since our inception in 1984. With a 100% female-run management team, 95%-minority staffed call centers, and less than a 5% attrition rate, our team has been uniquely curated to provide diversity, perspective, and years of expertise.